Name: NTPB Plus
Function: Main active ingredient of NTPB plus is guanidine acetic acid (GAA) and other factor. GAA is transported to the liver through blood circulation, which can be transformed into creatine under the catalysis of s-adenosine methionine guanidine acetic acid (GAMT) with s-adenosine methionine (SAM)
Product Form:
Animal Type: Piglet, Grower-finisher pigs, Broiler, Meat duck.
Package: 25kg per pp bags.
Quality Approved: (EC) No 904/2009, FDA approved
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Description It is known that Creatine plays a central role in the energy metabolism, particularly of muscle cells and for efficient growth of animals. Its involvement in energy metabolism is through the creatine and phosphocreatine (C/PCr) system.
Indication Growth performance and mortality rate.
Dosage Piglet (bw<25kg) 600-800 g/MT
Grower-finisher pigs 800-1000 g/MT
Broiler 600g/ MT
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